Pattern matching

Using variables in pattern matching

val val1: String = "MyVal1"
val val2: String = "MyVal2"
val val3: String = "MyVal3"

def matchInput(input: String): String = input match {
  case `val1` => "Matched val1"
  case `val2` => "Matched val2"
  case `val3` => "Matched val3"
  case _ => "Didn't match any known val"

println(matchInput("MyVal1")) //prints: Matched val1
println(matchInput("MyVal2")) //prints: Matched val2
println(matchInput("MyVal3")) //prints: Matched val3
println(matchInput("MyVal4")) //prints: Didn't match any known val

In the matchInput method, the value of the input variable is compared to the values of the vals, initiated above.