Benefits From Participating in uTest Projects for a Beginner Manual Exploratory Tester

Posted November 12, 2017 by Yaroslav Grebnov ‐ 5 min read

A need of guidance, specific knowledge, and experience

In most cases, a beginner Manual Exploratory Tester has recently joined a crowdtesting platform and works remotely by participating some mobile and/or web applications testing projects. Such tester has received several payments for his/her work and he/she has a strong intention to proceed in Manual Exploratory Testing. At some point of time, such tester realises a need of guidance in his professional development, accompanied by a need of additional specific knowledge and experience.

Intense professional training

One way to go is to attend a specific course (one or several) and get some intense training. In this case, you invest some time and and money, but get all necessary knowledge and skills in a very short period of time. Important thing are explained to you in detail and you know what you need to learn next.

Learning by doing

Another way is to obtain Manual Exploratory Testing knowledge and skills by doing. By this I mean participating in Manual Exploratory Testing projects at a crowdtesting platform, looking at how experienced testers work, analysing the projects, their results, improving your own work, communicating with other testers and team leads, and always trying to deliver the best possible result. I took this way by myself and was lucky enough to choose the right direction almost from the beginning. Following an advise of a friend (thanks again, Anton!), I registered at and started my ascension.

Benefits from participating in uTest projects

As some people are curious about this, I’d like to say, that I’m not a uTest (or Applause) employee and I’m not paid to promote their business anyhow. I’m expressing my own opinion and thoughts on the subject.

So, let’s talk about the benefits of participating in the uTest projects for a beginner Manual Exploratory Tester.

Large number of experienced testers to learn from

Currently, uTest is the biggest crowdtesting platform on the market. It has more than 300 000 members from more than 200 countries. Quite a large number of them are experienced testers, capable of finding high-value bugs in a very short period of time, and, which is also very important, producing very good bug reports.

A beginner can learn very-very much if he/she has an opportunity to test application in a team with a highly-experienced colleague. You can carefully read bug reports of such tester, analyse them, and improve the way you write your own bug reports.

There is one more important thing a beginner can learn from an experienced tester. It is an approach to testing. Every experienced exploratory tester has several approached he/she applies in testing some certain kinds of applications. And he/she knows exactly, which one to choose for some certain project. This helps him/her find highly valuable bugs in a very short period of time. Try to analyse these approaches and develop your own ones on their basis. I’m sure that it will help you make a great progress in your professional development as a tester.

Work of testers in project in majority of cases is managed by an experienced tester from a community

Your project TTL is most likely the same tester as you. The tester who started his/her career from the same point as you (very likely), but a bit earlier, than you. The tester, who made a long way from a beginner to a person, leading other testers work. TTL knows much about people at the same starting point as you. Show him/her your attitude, try to do your best in delivering qualitative results and you will very likely be rewarded by advise concerning your bug reports and/or the areas to concentrate your testing efforts on.

Feel free to ask questions, especially those which can help push the testing efforts of the whole team. And, or course, avoid asking something already mentioned in the project documentation.

The testers showing great attitude are very likely to be invited to the subsequent test cycles and/or projects.

Testing technical pre-conditions are usually well-explained

At uTest, in majority cases testing projects are organised in a way to produce results in a best possible and optimal manner, which usually means delivery of high quality in a short period of time. Considering this, all testing technical pre-conditions are usually well-explained. So, you do not have to perform a research and learn somewhere how to set up a vpn, for example.

General testing technical issues are also usually covered. So, even a tester with the least possible amount of knowledge doesn’t struggle trying to figure out, for example, where to find crash logs for the issue he/she encountered.

Possibility to participate in a project for a world leading company

Currently, uTest is among the crowdtesting platforms leaders. They have a large portfolio of interesting projects for clients from various industries. It is very likely for a tester to get a chance to participate in a project for a world-leading company. Such experience is highly valuable, especially for beginner testers, as they have a unique chance to see how the best guys do the things, learn from them, and help improve some applications being used by a lot of people in the world on daily basis.

Possibility to participate in a project for a client from your country

It is very likely, that sooner or later you find a project for a client from your own country or with a possibility to work using your native language. Such opportunity will automatically eliminate any language or different time zones difficulties you may have with other projects. And help you produce your best possible results.

I’d like to finish by wishing beginner Manual Exploratory Testers success in their professional development and careers. And I’d like to emphasise the importance of intense learning at early stages of their careers. The earlier you get necessary knowledge and skills, the easier you path will be, and the sooner you’ll start earning substantial amounts of money by testing software.